Delivery Policy

Marketsbos shall make all deliveries for all products sold on the website either through in-house delivery services or through credible courier companies.  We have strict rules that allows all deliveries to be made within 1- 3 days of purchase to the respective buyer.


Return Policy

Marketsbos Return Policy allows you to return products purchased online for up to 7days after the original purchase date. There are three conditions which allows you to return an item.

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Damaged goods
  • Expired goods

Please take your time and read the descriptions of items you are interested carefully before making payment as return will only be based on these 3 conditions. To return an item:

  1. Send a complaint within 7 days of purchase to the Marketbos customer service team via [email protected]. Please include a picture of the item purchased to serve as evidence.
  2. The customer service team will contact you upon an evaluation of your complaint.
  3. You will be assisted on how to return the item to the Marketsbos office or to the vendor you purchased from.
  4. Ensure to send the item in the same condition as the date purchased with the receipt of purchase attached to it.
  5. You are eligible to opt for a refund or an exchange for the item purchased when you satisfy steps 1-4.
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